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Oktober 9, 2008, 3:24 am
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NMC Major Tasks


Pursuant to the objectives of the assignment, overall main task of NMC can be divided into several groups of activities as follow:

1)      Preparation Works/Activities: Activities to prepare program implementation namely:

a)      Personnel mobilization including consultant, and supporting staffs;

b)     Provision of office facilities and logistic for NMC team;

c)      Coordination and consolidation with the Satker/CPICU;

d)     Rapid project assessment some representative participating district to identify high priority problems & constraints;

e)      Review the ECED implementation progress prior to the NMC assignment;

f)       Observe some sample of partipating Districts/Provinces readiness to implement the ECED program related to: (i) The fulfillment of district’ commitment stated in their respective district’ proposal, including the budget allocation in FY 07; (ii) The establishment of DCC; (iii) The institution / unit who is responsible for developing / provide quality assurance for ECED service; (iii) The village selection process and the issuance of Bupati Decree for selected villages; (iv) The recruitment process of facilitators and the CV of the selected facilitators; (v) the process of selection provincial / district trainers candidate; and (vi) assessment the visited  districts / provinces capacities in managing the ECED services.

g)      Adjust the proposed methodology, work plan, and project implementation schedule in the Technical Proposal with the input of current condition of project target location.


2)      Technical Tasks that comprises of activities to provide main service of each consultant namely:

a)       Team Leader;

b)     Co. Team Leader;

c)      Institution/Capacity Building Specialist;

d)     Financial Management Specialist;

e)      Project Monitoring Specialist.

3)      Regular Coordination Meeting. The meeting is meant to facilitate  and strengthen coordination/communication between NMC and project management and all Consultants at central, provincial, and district levels. The main issues to be discussed in the meeting including: [i] Complaint handling resolution; [ii] Project implementation progress and problems, and updating work plan; [iii] Consultant working coordination related problems; [iv] Project audit follow-up; [v] Periodic Project Reporting (IFR, Special Report, Mid Term Report, Mid Annual Report, Annual Report, Supervision Mission Report, etc); [vi] Socialization of new document/information; and [vii] other issues agreed by meeting participants.

For coordination meeting at central level is proposed at least once for every month. The meeting is attended by all CPICU management and staffs, NMC team members, and all Consultants at CPICU.

Coordination meeting at province/district level between NMC with project management at province/district level, RMCs, and Facilitators will use meeting event arranged by CPICU, PPCU, or DPIU under each consultant expenses.

Project Report Preparation. The first report to be submitted after signed contract is the Inception report. The complete list of project report during project assignment is described in Figure


Dr. Wakhinuddin S, MPd, PT. Amythas,  Team Leader : 08159544229; wakhid_nuddin@yahoo.com

(disadur dari Proposal teknis Program PPAUD-Depdiknas)


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